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Race, American Medicine and Public Health: African-American Experiences: Home

For Dr. Vanessa Gamble's Course "Race, American Medicine and Public Health"

Relevant Exhibitions

Opening Doors: Contemporary African American Academic Surgeons

Changing the Face of Medicine

AIDS Ephemera

An Iconography of Contagion

Course Schedule

Skill set to understand and use:

  1. Write a good thesis for your paper
  2. Know the difference between primary and secondary sources
  3. Know where to find primary source and secondary source material
  4. Use more than one database (you'll have to!) and learn how to search
  5. Be able to find and use statistical information
  6. Evaluate Internet resources and use judiciously
  7. Create citations using appropriate tools
  8. Ask for help when needed

Step 1.

Medicine and Chocolate is not a research question.

When, why, who and what factors influenced the decline of chocolate as a medicine? is a research question

Slave culture is not a research question.

How did slaves preserve African cultures in their everyday lives? is a research question.

Find a topic that will:

  • Fulfill your instructor's assignment
  • Be of interest to you (if possible)
  • Have identifiable information available
  • and one that you will have a basic understanding of concepts
  • be manageable in the time allotted for the project

Ask yourself a couple questions:

  • Has your topic been researched before?
  • Is the information publically available? Easy to obtain?
  • Does the information address all parts of the specific assignment?

Manage Your Citations


RefWorks allows you to store and file your references in different folders, add research notes or other information, and format your paper, dissertation, or other research project with the click of a button. Click here for the RefWorks Tutorial

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