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Himmelfarb Headlines: New Library DEI Policy

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New Library DEI Policy

What's New at Himmelfarb

Himmelfarb Library recently instituted a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Policy, which lays out principles that guide our organization’s engagement with DEI issues. The policy also provides opportunities for our users to provide feedback.

The creation of this policy was a long-term project conceived of and completed by members of the library’s DEI Committee as a way of better understanding and holding ourselves accountable to our mission of improving diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility throughout the library. 

The policy, which can be accessed on the Library Policies webpage, covers issues in six general areas: Equity of Service; Collection Development; Facilities, Safe Spaces, and Inclusive Environment; Communications, Publications, and Language; Hiring Practices; and Collaboration. We encourage users to report when the library fails to adhere to the policy, as well as to suggest improvements to the policy. The policy is maintained by members of the library’s DEI committee and will be reappraised on a regular basis.

If you are a member of a student or faculty organization and are interested in learning more about the DEI Committee or would like to discuss potential collaboration opportunities, please contact the current DEI Committee Chair, Brittany Smith, at