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Presentation Skills: Presentation Skills

Finding & Citing Scholarly Resources

Structuring Content: Introductions, Conclusions & Focus


  • Introduce yourself!
  • Include a slide outlining your presentation.
  • Tell the audience why they should be interested: why is this important? why is this relevant? 
    • For instance, use a surprising statistic. (Statista is one database for statistical information.)



  • Recap the most important points, usually 2-5 things.
  • Provide a verbal cue, i.e. ‘thank you for your time', to let the audience that you are done. 

Additional Resources

Interacting with the Audience


  • Ask audience questions to gauge prior knowledge and comprehension during/after the presentation
  • Use games to polls to engage the audience.

Designing Slides

Designing Slides

  • Use phrases and words to guide your talk.
  • Don’t write in complete sentences unless using a direct quote.  
  • Use a large font size and sans serif font style
  • Use color schemes with good contrast to improve ease-of-reading and accessibility.

Find Images for Presentations

Accessible Slides


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