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Himmelfarb App Shelf: Epocrates


Clinical Care

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Description: Evidence-based resource providing disease and drug information. Disease information uses step-by-step approach, covering prevention, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. Disease information in epocrates+ is produced by the BMJ Publishing Group and the drug information is produced by Epocrates Inc.

Access: Courtesy of Epocrates, Inc.

Instructions: Epocrates, Inc. provides free app access to pre-professional health sciences students;  free app access is provided at the company's discretion.  Himmelfarb Library's license provides all GW users web access via epocrates+.

Nursing and SMHS non-MD students:  contact Epocrates to request a student discount code

  1. Create a free personal Epocrates account:
  2. Email the following information to
  • Name and email registered with epocrates
  • Your university (George Washington University) and your expected graduation year
  • Your area study and university email address

MD Students: include your Medical Education Number in your Epocrates profile

  1. Epocrates will ask for your Medical Education Number to unlock free access to epocrates+. To obtain your ME number, please contact AMPAC ( or 202-789-7400) and provide your name, date of birth, and city (i.e. Washington, DC).
  2. Please list yourself as a medical student on your Epocrates profile.
  3. Login to your Epocrates app, then tap "See all" to open the Quick Reference area and tap on "Diseases".
  4. The "Activate your free medical student subscription to epocrates+" screen should display; click the button to activate epocrates+ then provide your personal ME number.


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