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Podcasts: Podcasts for Health Professionals

Is there a podcast that you think should be included on this guide? Email Rachel Brill at with your suggestion!

Podcasts by Specialty

Internal Medicine Podcasts

Podcasts for Curriculum Review and Board Prep

Academic Medicine Podcasts

Podcasts from Journals & Organizations

Cultural Competency Podcasts

Personal Narrative Podcasts

Research and Publishing Podcasts

Health Policy & Public Health Podcasts

Checklist for Podcasts

Use this checklist to appraise the quality of medical podcasts.

Colmers IN, Paterson QS, Lin M, Thoma B, Chan T. The Quality Checklists for Health Professions Blogs and Podcasts. The Winnower 2:e144720.08769 (2015). DOI:10.15200/winn.144720.08769