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Public Health Doctoral Studies (PhD and DrPH): Find Articles

Research Citation Databases

Research Citation Databases

Interdisciplinary Citation Databases: 

A good place to start your research is to search a research citation database to view the scope of literature available on your topic.

Systematic Reviews Databases

Education Databases

Education Databases - image 1 Education Databases - image 2 Education Databases - image 3


Following databases focus on exercise science topics

Medical Health Sciences Databases

Medical Health Sciences Databases

Medical Literature:

Following are core databases covering the medical health science literature.

Multi-Discipline Databases

General in Scope Databases:

If your topic is broad, try the following multi-dicipline databases which will include scholarly research as well as articles from newspapers, wire feeds, trade publications, reports and conference papers and proceedings.

Tip: Click "Peer-Reviewed" to refine your search to only articles in scholarly publications.

Subject Specific Databases

Subject Specific Databases

Depending on your topic, search the following databases to locate research on a specific topic area to help refine your search.


Point-of-care Databases

Provide healthcare professionals brief informative point-of-care information based on evidence based medicine.

Drug/Pharmacology Databases:

Drug/Pharmacology Databases

Drug Information Databases: