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GW Research Day Resources: Creating Effective Posters

GW Research Day: Workshops for Health Sciences

Designing an Effective Poster Using PowerPoint

Instructor: Barbara McGowan

Description: Barbara McGowan, Director of Biomedical Communications at the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences, shares best practices on designing an effective poster for a scholarly presentation, with a focus on students presenting at GW Research Days 2019.

Recorded February 8, 2019

How to Create an Effective Abstract & Poster Presentation

Instructor: Keith Boniface, MD

DescriptionDesigning a poster can be challenging. Learn best practices and the do's and don'ts on how to design a research poster, including layout and what content to include to effectively display your results, data and conclusions as well as common mistakes to avoid.

Link to 2018 recorded session: How to Create an Effective Abstract & Poster Presentation

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Poster Printing

GW Research Day Poster Tips & Printing website provides resources on where you can print your poster.


  • Use Powerpoint, Photoshop, or InDesign
  • If using a MAC, create fully-collected In-Design files
  • When using PowerPoint to create a poster that is 36" x 48" or smaller, choose a set-up size that is 100% of your final poster size. If creating a poster that is larger than 36" x 48", choose a set-up that is one-half the size of your final poster, and be sure the size is proportional to your final poster size. For example, a final poster size of 48" x 96" would correspond with a page set-up of 24" x 48".