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Author Services from Himmelfarb: Journal PreCheck

Resources and services for GW authors in the health sciences

Journal PreCheck Service

You've compiled your research and assembled your findings. You're hoping to publishing your findings quickly and are considering submitting to a journal that you're unfamiliar with, but which claims they can review items quickly. How can you ensure that the journal in question is a legitimate scholarly publication?

Predatory Publishing is a growing industry and the Journal PreCheck service from Himmelfarb uses tools such as Cabells Predatory Reports and Journal Citation Reports to help GW health sciences researchers to ensure that they are submitting to reputable journals. Complete the Journal PreCheck request form for assistance. Himmelfarb can also help you to identify tools that can help you to effectively select a journal for disseminating your research.

What is Predatory Publishing?

Predatory publishers use the open access publishing model for their own profit.

“Predatory” publishers solicit articles from faculty and researchers with the intention of exploiting authors who need to publish their research findings in order to meet promotion and tenure or grant funding requirements. These publishers collect extravagant fees from authors without providing the peer review services that legitimate journals provide prior to publishing papers.

Predatory publishers share common characteristics:

  • Ultimate goal is to make money - not to publish scholarly research
  • Use deception to appear legitimate
  • Make false claims about services offered (peer review)
  • Unethical business practices
  • Exploit the need for academics to publish
  • No concern for the quality of work published
  • Do not follow accepted scholarly publishing best practices

Cabell's Predatory Reports

Journal Citation Reports

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