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Healthy Living @ Himmelfarb: Fall Colors Photo Contest Gallery

2023 Fall Colors Contest Photos

Fall colors in the Arboretum

"Fall in the Arboretum" -  Laurie Theeke (Faculty)

Fall colors in Massachusetts

"Fall in Massachusetts" - Danielle Abrams (Student)

Fall colors with puppy

"New puppy George taking in the fall foliage like the king of the woods!!!" - Andie Bodian (Student)

Just before the fall in Shanandoah

"Just Before the Fall - Shanandoah" - Abdulla Ali (Student)

Colorful close-up of fall foliage

"Micro-Seasons" - Andeulazia Murdock (Student)

Fall sunset in the woods

"Fall Time Sunset" - Garrett Campbell (Student)

Chestnut horse in the fall

"Maxie at Cedar Creek Farm" - Braden Renke (Student)

Fallen leaf on car windshield

"On Georgetown Pike in Great Falls, VA of a fallen leaf on my windshield as I traveled home from VSTC" - Ken Schappelle (Staff)

Large maple tree with yellow brown foliage

"Beneath the Maple Tree, Vienna Virginia" – Candice Bailey (Student)

Mountain view from rock cliff with vibrant fall foliage

"Mohonk Preserve in the Shawangunk Mountains - New Paltz, NY" - Emile Kuyl (Student)

A girl with a black umbrella on a rainy fall day

“The Black Umbrella” - This picture was taken on 20th October, 2023. One student was rushed to the Student Center of GWU on a rainy afternoon. It was beautiful outside to have hot tea, it was beautiful outside to watch the yellow trees. However, some people have the privilege to rush to achieve their dream. They are us! With the Umbrella, we rush through the beauty and the pain at the same time, to living the dream! - Ignatia Manek (Student)

Rocky waterfall with yellow fall foliage

"Serenity - Old Jelly Mill Falls. Dummerston, Vermont" – Linda Briggs (Faculty)

Waterfall with reflection and colorful foliage

"Whiteoak Falls (Lower), Shenandoah National Park" - Claire Summa (Student & Staff GWSPH)

distant landscape with yellow fall leaves in foreground

"The Plunge" in Wintergreen, VA - Siena Senn (Student)

Landscape with pine trees with red and green bushes in foreground

"Dolly Sods at Sunset" in Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia - Jenna Sanders (Student)

Window with potted plants and view of colorful fall foliage

"A Window View of Autumn, Leesburg, Virginia" - Jessica Taylor (Staff)

Tall trees with foliage view from beneath

"Trees at Butler’s Orchard" - Sarah Watkins (Student)

Home with a white fence with a large tree and vibrant red foliage

"Hello, Autumn". This photo was taken outside of my best friend's home and captures the breathtaking fall colors in the midst of the neighborhood - Anusha Jailwala (Student)

Close up of colorful foliage on a tree branch

"Leafy Greens and Reds - Harpers Ferry, WV" -  Becky Copper (Student)

Man jogging in a street line with trees and yellow foliage

"Falling for yellow, Jeju-island, South Korea". Actually, my brother who lives in Jeju-isand in Korea sent me this photo he took. It was beautiful, breathtaking, so I wanted to share with everyone! (Exhibition only) -  Lina Lim (Resident)

Washington Monument at sunset photo taken at an angle

"Washington Monument at Sunset" -  Jessica Hogan (Student)

Close up photo of leaf changing color

“Changing of the Leaves” - Tree outside GW Student Center - Vishnu Prasad Rao (Student)

Photo of squirrel coming down the tree with an acorn in his mouth

"Pumpkin Spice Supper" - Ryan Neill (Student)

Red brick building with vibrant red foliage tree

"Solitude Standing, Washington, DC" - Gulsen Oztosun (SMHS Visiting Scholar, GW MFA Staff)

Bright orange yellow foliage on a tree

"Fall Splendor" - Al Zebrowski (Staff)

Colorful leaves fallen on a rocky hill ground

"Fallen Leaves at Shenandoah Mountain, October 2023" - Lindsay Kaufman (Student)

Fallen leaves in a shady forest

"Does it make a sound? Hocking Hills State Park" - Lexi Boyd (Student)


Boat on Potomac River with fall color background and tall buildings

 Contest Winning Photo: "Fall Ride - Roof of Kennedy Center" - Mehrshad Fahim Devin (Student)

View of river and fall foliage on an overcast day

"A Beautiful Day. Williamsburg, VA" - Anthony Pistella (Student)

View of large tree from underneath showing branches and yellow leaves

"Untitled, Georgetown Waterfront" - Nanami Miyazaki (Student)

Closeup of vibrant purple flowers and red foliage

"A Floral Fall, Falls Church, VA" - Haley Stepp (Staff)

Tall trees with and without fall foliage

"Ghost of Fall" Arlington, Virginia - Jonathan Lancaster (Student)

A lake with fall foliage reflection and trees in the background

"Fall is a time for reflection!" - Claire Sandler (Student)

An island of fall trees rows in a city landscape with vibrant blue sky

"Fall serenity, Boston" - Vanessa Trebelhorn (Faculty)

Bright vibrant fall foliage trees in DC mall

"A Beautiful Fall Morning in DC - Taken at the National Mall in DC" - Trisha Maragathavel (Student)

Vibrant orange and red foliage branches with the US Capitol dome

"Falling for D.C. all over again as colorful leaves frame the U.S. Capitol" - Marisa Dowling (Faculty)

A park trail with autumn trees, cyclists and people

"Cycling Through the Seasons - Arlington, VA" - Nick Van Dyke (Student)

Bright amber foliage behind with a lamp post

"Amber" - Alec Corn (Student)

GWU  MED written with fall leaves on the paving stones

"Sign of Progress - October 28, 2023" - Basil Considine (Student)

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