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Physical Therapy: Social Media Resources

Power of Analytics! Leveraging Social Media

What is altmetrics? Helps capture the "buzz" of your work online!

Altmetrics captures the statistical impact of a source (i.e. journal article, report, research poster...) from the Web displaying your work and the interest it has generated. The rise of "altmetrics" can be seen on personal profile webpage, journals, databases and instructional repositories.
Top reasons why altmetrics can help you:

  • Social Media "Buzz" - Captures Facebook, twitter, blogs, news media outlets 
  • Page View Hits & Downloads - How many times your work/webpage has been viewed and download statistics (i.e.  journal's website or repository)
  • Scholarly Bookmarks - Includes Mendeley, CiteULike and Twitter favorites

Best Practice: When you publish or produce work online you should use social media to help promote your work and start a "buzz" to improve visibility.

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