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Case Reports: Writing and Publishing Case Reports: What's involved and how do I get started?

Panel Discussion

On February 9, 2015, Himmelfarb Library hosted a panel discussion about writing case reports. The panel of speakers presented the topic from various perspectives: the publisher, the faculty advisor, a resident, and a student.


  • Dr. Jose Merino, US Clinical Research Editor for BMJ
  • Dr. Susie Lew, Professor of Medicine
  • Dr. Clifton Meals, Orthopedic Surgery Resident
  • Amarbir Gill, Fourth Year Medical Student

Dr. Merino opened by discussing what publishers look for in a good case report, stressing the importance of clear writing and the importance of acquiring consent from the patient (and following HIPAA guidelines). Dr. Lew discussed how she began publishing in BMJ Case Reports and how her case report authorship led to a rewarding opportunity to review case reports for the journal. Dr. Meals stressed the need to work with an attending physician who is willing to work with you through the publication process and shared an editorial from the Journal of Hand Surgery that promoted the value of case reports. Mr. Gill seconded Dr. Meals' assertion to build a relationship with the attending and encouraged the audience to find their niche for an interesting, educational case to write up.