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Images: Citing Images

A guide to finding and using various kinds of images on the internet.

Citation Questions?

You can find more information about APA Style on our APA 7th Edition Research Guide.

You can find more information about AMA Style on our AMA 11th Edition Research Guide.

APA Style, 7th edition

Images, diagrams and artistic works should be cited as you would cite any other type of work.


  • Images in text are also generally accompanied by a caption that includes copyright information and a statement of permission for use. Please check with your instructor to see if this is necessary.

Tip: You should give as much information as possible about the images that you have used, including these basics:

  • creator's name (author, artist, photographer etc.)
  • date the work was published or created
  • title of the work
  • place of publication
  • publisher
  • type of material (for photographs, charts, online images)
  • website address and access date
  • name of the institution or museum where the work is located (for artworks and museum exhibits)
  • dimensions of the work (for artworks)

General Format

In-Text Citation (Paraphrase):

(Artist Surname, Year)

In-Text Citation (Quotation):

(Artist Surname, Year)


Artist Surname, First Initial. Second Initial. (Year). Title of the artwork [Format]. Title of the Website. URL (address of web site)

References (No Author):

Title of work [Type of work]. (Year image was created). Title of the Website. URL (address of web site)

References (No Author, No Title, No Date):

[Subject and type of work]. Title of the Website. URL (address of web site)

Many images found on the Web fall under this category. Try to locate the missing information by clicking on the image, and/or looking at the bottom of the image.


In-Text Citation (Paraphrase):

(Baumel, 2010)

In-Text Citation (Quotation):

(Baumel, 2010)

References (Basic):

Baumel, A. (2010). Cholera treatment center in Haiti [Online image]. Doctors Without Borders.

References (No Author):

Flu epidemic [Online image]. (1919). History.

References (No Author, No Title, No Date):

[Untitled illustration of a sleeping dog]. Sleeping Animals. http://www.sleepinganimals/

AMA Style, 11th edition

In your reference list, cite an image the same way you would cite a website.

General Format:

Author(s). Title of specific item cited (or, if unavailable, give the name of the organization responsible for the site). Name of Web Site. URL. Publication date. Updated date.  Accessed date.

TIP! If you do not know the author of an image, start with the title of the image. If the image does not have a title, provide a brief description of the image.


Protocol Snow. Harvard Medical School classroom. Flickr. Published June 15, 2009. Accessed July 23, 2020.