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Adobe InDesign 2024: Online Learning Resources

About Adobe InDesign

Would you like to create an attractive departmental newsletter? Or design a professional-looking annual report? Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing application that allows you to create everything from event flyers and stylized reports to magazines and e-books. We offer here both comprehensive learning tools and quick how-tos that you can easily follow.

How Do I Access InDesign?

Students, faculty, and staff who need to use Adobe InDesign may contact SMHS Technology Support Center at about acquiring access.

Free Online InDesign Courses and Tutorials

The following websites offer access to online courses and tutorials designed to get you started with InDesign or, if you are already familiar with with the software, to master new skills. Many additional resources are available via online search.

Glossaries of InDesign Terms

Are some of the terms used in InDesign confusing to you? What are widows and orphans? What are character and paragraph styles? 

The following links offer clear and simple definitions of common InDesign terms.

Want to take a quick peek?

Learn what widow and orphans are.

Learn how you can use styles to format text quickly.

Tutorials on Individual Topics in InDesign

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