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Adobe Photoshop 2024: Online Learning Resources

Welcome to Photoshop 2024!

Would you like to learn how to straighten a crooked photo, lighten an under-exposed image, or sharpen a blurry picture? Adobe Photoshop is the most powerful software available for editing (and also creating) digital images. We offer here both comprehensive learning tools and quick how-tos that you can easily follow.

What is Photoshop and What Can It Do?

How Do I Access Photoshop?

Students, faculty, and staff who need to use Adobe Photoshop may contact SMHS Technology Support Center at about acquiring access.

Free Online Photoshop Courses and Tutorials

The following websites offer access to online courses and tutorials designed to get you started with Photoshop or, if you are already familiar with with the software, to master new skills. Many additional resources are available via online search.

Preparing Images for Journal and Textbook Publication

Do you have digital or print images that you need to incorporate into a journal article or textbook? Do you need to make any technical modifications to the image (resolution, file format, etc.) to meet the requirements of the publisher? Did you know that certain image edits could constitute fraud? Visit the links below to learn more.


Visit your publisher’s website and search for technical guidelines for the submission of figures

The ethics of image alteration for publication

Before adjusting, retouching, or cropping images destined for publication, explore the following resources to learn what may constitute image fraud.

Print resource

Avoiding Twisted Pixels: Ethical Guidelines for the Appropriate Use and Manipulation of Scientific Digital Images. Douglas W. Cromey

Video resources

Avoiding Image Fraud: 7 Rules for Editing Images

Clean-up or Fraud? How to Avoid Photoshopping Your Way Into Disgrace

From the Photoshop for the Scientist series on YouTube:

Journal editors may ask you to send the original image for comparison

Remember to keep your original, unaltered image in a designated location on your computer, out of harm’s way.

Glossaries of Photoshop terms

Photoshop is a layer-based image editing software. But what does that term mean, and why is it useful to understand it? What exactly is anti-aliasing, and should your image use it?

The following link offers clear and simple definitions of the many photo editing terms used in Photoshop.

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Quick Lessons on Essential Topics

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