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Prevention & Community Health: Research Support

Research Guide for the GWSPH Department of Prevention and Community Health

Is it Peer-Reviewed?

A peer reviewed journal is one in which articles are submitted to researchers who are experts in the field and its content and references are evaluated for accuracy before they are published.

Peer-reviewed journals will have the following:

  • Abstract at the beginning of the article
  • Author(s) identity and affilation
  • References at the end of the article

Understanding a Study

Study Design 101 Pyramid

The Study Design 101 tutorial help you understand the different kinds of studies and each studies strengths and weaknesses.

GW Public Health Blog: Research Accelerator

Research Accelerator - Resources for Public Health Research

Writing Literature Review

Web site: Look at the URL

Before using a web site look at the URL (web address) to identify the producer of the web site, and its purpose.

Look at the last final syllable in the domain name to evaluate who produced the site:

.gov = Government agency

.net = Internet Service Provider

.com = Commercial site

.edu = Higher education

.mil= Military site

.~ = ("tilde") Personal

.org = Organization