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Scholarly Publishing: Scholarly Communications Video Tutorials

A guide to scholarly publishing and scholarly communication activities at Himmelfarb Library.

Himmelfarb Scholarly Communications Short Video Series

Welcome to the short video collection from the Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library at the George Washington University. The videos in this collection have been assembled by the Himmelfarb Scholarly Communications Committee. Our brief (~5 minute) videos cover a wide range of scholarly communications related topics and cover all phases of the research life cycle. These tutorials are designed to help you quickly answer your research and publishing related questions. Have ideas for addition topics? Complete our brief survey.

Project Planning and Development Tutorials

The Research Life Cycle

Advanced Literature Searches and the PubMed MeSH Search Builder

Getting Help with Systematic Reviews

Compliance with NIH Data Policies

How you sign into PubMed is changing after June 1, 2021

Basics of Collaboration Tools in the Research Process


Addressing Health Mis- & Dis- Information

Human Participants Research Support

Animal Research Alternatives

Publishing Related Tutorials

The Clarivate Manuscript Matcher

How to Include Article Processing Charges (APCs) in Funding Proposals

Screening: What do Editors Look For?

From AMA to APA: Quickly Changing Citation Styles

Tracking Pending Publications

How to Spot a Predatory Journal

Preprint Servers: Balancing the Pros & Cons

Retractions, Corrections, & Expressions of Concern

Open Access and Your Research

APA Citations for Legal Resources

Finding Journals in Journal Citations Reports (JCR)

Locating Article Publishing Charges (APCs)

Locating Manuscript Guidelines

Changing Citation Styles in PubMed

Cabells Journalytics

Project Promotion and Preservation Tutorials

Tracking Citations with Scopus

Setting Up Your Google Scholar Profile

The Researcher Profile Audit Service at the Himmelfarb Library

Archiving Scholarship in an Institutional Repository (IR)

Promoting Your Research

Dimensions Analytics


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