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Health Statistics: Evaluation Public Health Gateway Site

Public Health Gateway Sites:

Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce

Go to the Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce website.Review the main page and explore the "topic" list on the left-side and answer the questions:

Handout:Evaluating a Website

Website Evaluation

Evaluation Criteria:  As you locate websites to meet your information needs, you should be critical in your evaluation.  Try to confirm that the information is reliable, unbiased, and current.  Evaluate each website that you consider according to the following criteria:


  • Who is responsible for the material presented?
  • What is the individual/organization's expertise in this area?
  • Are an expert's credentials referenced?


  • What is the source for the material published?
  • Are studies/clinical trials/textbooks/true experts and other credible sources referenced.


  • Where does financial support for the web page come from?
  • Do the creators have a financial interest in any products/services/procedures promoted on the web page?
  • Are advertisements clearly separated from editorial content?


  • How current is the material presented?
  • Does it reflect various viewpoints and recent research?
  • When was the page last updated?
  • Does the site indicate when the material underwent a substantive review?


  • What is the depth of the information presented?
  • Are a range of viewpoints presented, or is this a particular view of the issue?
  • Is this information presented for consumers or for health care professionals?


  • Is the site easy to use?
  • Do all the links work?
  • Is the information arranged logically?

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