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A guide to library collections and access for students in the Institute for Biomedical Sciences.

Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library

The Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library - located in Ross Hall next to the Foggy Bottom/GWU Metro stop - serves the patrons, students, and staff affiliated with the George Washington University Medical Center


 Library Hours


HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is a set of guidelines meant to protect the privacy of patient information in a variety of situations (treatment, research, billing, etc.).   HIPAA came about partly as an answer to the increasing reliance on electronic medical records and the resulting concerns as to how to ensure that this information is dealt with in a safe manner that protects the patient.

To help you learn more about HIPAA, there is a training module (several powerpoint presentations and a quiz) available through Blackboard for those affiliated with the George Washington University Medical Center.   If you are required to undergo this HIPAA certification, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Blackboard using your netID and password (the same you use to log into your "" email account)
  2. Look for the module "BBSU_200601_yvovides_003: SMHS HIPAA Compliance"
  3. Click on the "HIPAA Training" tab on the left side of the screen and then click on the "HIPAA Training" button to access the training materials
  4. View the three presentations ("HIPAA in Context", "Non-TPO", and "PHI Disclosures"
  5. When you feel confident of the material covered, proceed to the 4th part - "HIPAA Quiz Final"
  6. You will need to get at least 100 points on the quiz to pass
  7. Print out a copy of the quiz results for your own records - keep in mind that if you submit an IRB request at GWU in the future, you will be required to include a copy of your HIPAA quiz results among your paperwork so it is important to keep a copy of the quiz results for yourself 

Getting Help at Himmelfarb


There are numerous ways of getting help with your library-related research questions:

  • Talk to a Librarian: Here is a list of our subject specialists
  • Visit the Himmelfarb Reference Desk: Here are our hours 
  • Phone (Reference Desk): 202-994-2850
  • Email a Librarian: Send us an email
  • Text a Librarian: Text "Himlib:your question" to 265010
  • Instant Messaging: Enter your question into the AskUs IM search box on the right side of our webpages

Off-campus access

Himmelfarb Library provides remote access to nearly all databases, electronic journals, and electronic textbooks. To use electronic resources from off-campus, please login to VPN (GWireless) using your GW NetID (e.g. the same login/password that you use for your GWMail).

Complete instructions:

  1. Turn off your internet browser's pop-up blocker or update settings to permit pop-ups from
  2. Access the Himmelfarb Library website, then click on VPN (GWireless) in the 'My Accounts' area.
  3. Login to VPN (GWireless) with your GW NetID and password (the same login/password that you use for your GWMail or CMail).
  4. Click OK to allow the software to run or enter your computer's password.
  5. Access the Himmelfarb Library website again. You can now access databases, e-texts, and e-journals without any additional logins.

Additional information on off-campus access.

Copying & Printing at Himmelfarb

The Himmelfarb Library offers a wide variety of copying and printing services that can be charged to your GWorld card:

Library Courses

There are numerous courses offered at the Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library covering a wide range of topics including: Excel, Refworks, Blackboard, Powerpoint, Access, and More!

  • There is no charge for students, faculty, and staff affiliated with SMHS and SPHHS
  • MFA and Hospital staff are charged $50/hour
  • Here is the upcoming schedule of classes

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