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Institute for Biomedical Sciences: Databases

A guide to library collections and access for students in the Institute for Biomedical Sciences.

Multidatabase Search

Use this interface to search multiple electronic resources simultaneously.

  • To search all included databases, select Himmelfarb Collections.
  • For faster results, focus on type of information (e.g. Research Articles or E-Texts).

Search Tips - Electronic Databases


  • Break down your research question into specific search terms
    • Is there a connection between cholesterol metabolism and heart attacks? = "heart attack & cholesterol & lipid metabolism"
    • Can hookworms cure asthma? = "hookworms & asthma"


  • Automatically translates your keywords into accepted MeSH terms (ex. 'heart attack' = 'myocardial infarction' / 'nose bleed' = 'epistaxis')
  • Numerous 'limits' options to focus your results including:
    • Years of publication
    • Publication type (review, article, editorial, clinical trial, etc.)
    • Language
    • Text options (i.e., abstract only, full text available, etc.)
    • Age of study subjects
    • Many more
  • Set up 'search alerts' to be periodically informed of new articles covering your topic of interest 


  • Tracks the number of times that an article has been cited by later articles
    • This is a great way to identify relevant literature without worrying about coming up with appropriate keywords
    • Also helps you to identify which are the seminal papers in a given field of study
  • Before your search - limit results by:
    • Publication type (i.e., review, etc.)
    • Date range
  • After your search - refine results by:
    • Journal
    • Author
    • Year of publication
    • Author's institution

Key Electronic Databases for IBS

The Himmelfarb Library has purchased access to numerous electronic databases which can help you to locate articles to assist you with your library research projects


RefWorks is a web-based citation management program similar to EndNote, ProCite or Reference Manager.

  • Citations can be organized by paper/project, edited, and accessed from any computer with Internet access.
  • RefWorks can also insert citations into Microsoft Word documents and format bibliographies in any of more than a thousand bibliographic citation styles.
  • Citations can be automatically downloaded from Scopus, MEDLINE, PubMed, etc.
  • To create a personal RefWorks account, access RefWorks and then click on 'Sign up for an Individual Account '.

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