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History of Public Health: PubH 1102.10 & 1102.11: Citation Support

This Guide supports the course History of Public Health PubH 1102.10

AMA Citation Style Guide Support

RefWorks vs Mendeley


Access: GW Subscription/Create RefWorks Account

Access: Download Mendeley Desktop
Watch Video: Getting Started with Mendeley

Publisher: ProQuest Publisher: Elsevier
Cost: GW Subscription (  Group Code) Cost: Free (Limited to 2 GB of web space)
Import: Most Databases/Journals Import: Some Databases/Journals (Option: Use Mendeley Web Importer)
Web Sites: RefGrab Tool  Web Sites: Mendeley Web Importer  (Click to download)
PDF: Allows users to attach PDF (new RefWorks allows users to drag-drop PDF) PDF: Imports PDF/Attach PDF (Allows users to annotate and highlight)
Document: Write-N-Cite Plugin (MS Word & Google Doc) Document: Citation  Plugin (MS Word & Open Office)

Group Work: Only RefWorks Legacy allows you to use RefShare or create a separate account to share with research teams. (See: Sharing references in RefWorks)

Group Work: Option to create a "Public" or "Private" group account.  (See:  Sharing documents in Mendeley)

APA Citation and Style Guide