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Physician Assistants: PANCE

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Classroom to Clinic Study System : Personal Professor for Clinical Rotations and PANCE/PANRE Review There is one copy of the book on the reference shelves on the first floor. The "Personal Professor" software is available to use on five computers on the 3rd floor.

  • 3rd floor turn right (room 306) - first three computers on the right side H1, H2, H3
  • The Instructor workstation located in Women's Board Room/Computer Room
  • Faculty Workstation/Media Development Office room (Can be reserved)


PAEasy is offered by the publishers of USMLEasy and offers a similar system of practice questions, answers, and links to supporting information in AccessMedicine.  PAeasy provides access to 1,200 questions and answers that simulate the PANCE and PANRE and provides full explanations for the answers.  PAEasy can be customized by signing up for an individual username/password within Himmelfarb Library’s account to allow you to track your progress and take advantage of all of PAEasy’s features:

  • Robust Performance Profile tracks your performance by topic and test scores over time and allows you to compare your scores to others using PAEasy, including test-takers at GW.
  • Three testing modes including un-timed practice mode, a timed exam, and a simulated test that replicates the official test.
  • Customization features
    • Select the length and subject areas of a test or create a set of randomly selected question.
    • Retake tests composed of questions previously answered incorrectly so you can focus on weak areas.
    • Time your tests or practice at your own pace.
    • Take tests composed of questions that you are seeing for the first time.
  • Targeted readings from AccessMedicine, identified based on where you need additional study.
  • Anatomy Flash Cards offering 150 full-color anatomy images, derived from The Big Picture: Gross Anatomy.

You can access PAEasy from on- and off-campus locations via the link on the E-Databases webpage using either ALADIN or VPN/GWireless.

ExamMaster Online

Exam Master Online is a Web-based tool for practicing and studying for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and a number of medical boards. There are three PANCE tests with thousands of questions!

Instructions: create Exam Master account and access Exam Master from on-campus locations or while logged into VPN.

New Feature!! Flashcards. You will find this feature available once you log in to your account, in the list of buttons on the left. Simply select "Flashcards" and you will find the ability to create individual flashcards and also file them into flashcard groups. The amount of flashcards you can create is unlimited. You have the ability to create, edit, and view your flashcards. There is a help file readily available to guide you through the process. You can also convert any of your study notes into a flashcard. You will see a new option at the bottom of your study note to "Make this note a flashcard".

Additional Fee-Based Resources

As you prepare for the PANCE (PA National Certifying Exam), you may want to consider the following options to direct your study and enhance your test taking abilities; these resources will charge you directly for use.

NCCPA Self Assessment - $35 (retired questions from past PANCE exams). Accessible from the

NCCPA offers the Self Assessments to assist PAs in the preparation for Initial Certification or Recertification. The Self Assessments are designed for PAs who want to gain a better understanding of the kinds of questions to expect on NCCPA's PANCE and PANRE examinations and to direct their exam preparation efforts.
NOTE: You must log in to complete a practice exam.

Kaplan PANCE Prep - $109 (1 month access) - $149 (2 months access) - $189 (3 months access). 1200 question database, rationale for correct/incorrect answers provided.

Good for both the PANCE and the PANRE, the PANCE/PANRE Qbank provides over 1,200 exam-relevant practice questions with detailed explanations that discuss why the right answer is correct, but also why all of the distracters are incorrect. Create customized practice tests with immediate feedback by timed conditions or tutorial style; unused questions, incorrect or all available; and organ system and task, or a combination of both. Tests can be broken into 90 question blocks.
NOTE: This product is not provided by GWU. There is a monthly fee involved.

If you scored below the national mean in the PACKRAT exam (fewer than 137.5 items correct), using a study aide will be particularly important for you. Although a PANCE prep course is part of Senior Seminar, some students need to pursue an augmented study plan before taking the PANCE. Now is a good time to start. Please contact your advisor for any particular questions you have about your possible need for an augmented study plan.

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