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Physician Assistants: PANCE

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If you scored below the national mean in the PACKRAT exam (fewer than 137.5 items correct), using a study aide will be particularly important for you. Although a PANCE prep course is part of Senior Seminar, some students need to pursue an augmented study plan before taking the PANCE. Now is a good time to start. Please contact your advisor for any particular questions you have about your possible need for an augmented study plan.

Self-Assessment and Review Resources

Free Exam Help Resources

Additional Fee-Based Resources

As you prepare for the PANCE (PA National Certifying Exam), you may want to consider the following options to direct your study and enhance your test taking abilities; these resources will charge you directly for use.

NCCPA Practice Exams - $50 per exam. Accessible from the

NCCPA offers Practice Exams to assist in the preparation for Initial Certification or Recertification. Practice Exams are designed for PAs who want to gain a better understanding of the kinds of questions to expect on NCCPA's PANCE and PANRE examinations and to direct their exam preparation efforts.
NOTE: You must log in to complete a practice exam.

Kaplan PANCE Prep - from $99 (depending on access duration). 1200 question database, rationale for correct/incorrect answers provided.

Good for both the PANCE and the PANRE, the PANCE/PANRE Qbank provides over 1,200 exam-relevant practice questions with detailed explanations that discuss why the right answer is correct, but also why all of the distracters are incorrect. Create customized practice tests with immediate feedback. Tests can be broken into 90 question blocks.
NOTE: This product is not provided by GWU. There is a monthly fee involved.

PANCE/PANRE Review Resources, AAPA - Additional resources created and provided by AAPA partners