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Physician Assistants: Research Databases

Best Places to Start

Begin Your Research:

Systematic Review Databases

Levels of Evidence Pyramid created by Andy Puro, September 2014To learn more about what a systematic review is, please visit Himmelfarb's Study Design 101 Tutorial

To search for systematic reviews in PubMed, access PubMed via Himmelfarb Library. Run your search and select "Systematic Reviews".

Practice Guidelines


Point-of-Care Databases
The following databases provides healthcare professionals brief informative point-of-care information based on evidence based medicine. (Provides differential diagnosis for each record)

PA Journal Filters

Add the following to database searches to narrow results to articles in select PA journals. Please note, these filters have not been validated and should not be relied upon in the conduct of systematic reviews.


("J Physician Assist Educ"[Journal] OR "JAAPA"[Journal] OR "J Am Acad Physician Assist"[Journal] OR "PA J"[Journal])


(SRCTITLE ( "Journal of Physician Assistant Education" )  OR  SRCTITLE ( "JAAPA" ) )

Drug Information