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GW Research Day Resources: Video Submission - FAQ #1

GWSPH: Video Submission FAQ #1

Is there a required format I need to follow when presenting my research poster?

ANSWER:  Below is our recommended format for presenting your research poster:

  • Introduction: You should begin your presentation by stating your name, the name of your program/department and the title of your poster presentation.*

    • Example: “My name is Hannah Beaton. I’m a Public Health Prevention and Community Health Graduate student at The Milken Institute School of Public Health. One of my interests has been addressing the needs of underserved populations and I conducted research focused on “Community Based Management Programs for Dengue in Central America”
      * Please note the introduction section will not be included as part of the 3 minute limit.

  • Brief Background:  Succinctly provide the background information on your topic. Consider including the following:

    • Purpose of the research

    • Identify the primary literature (i.e. what has been published on this topic and the gap)

    • Your hypothesis

  • Methods: Describe how you conducted your research. Consider including the following:

    • Who was your population?

    • What was your sample size?

    • When/where was the research conducted?

    • What was your research design?

  • Results: State the primary findings. Consider including the following:

    • Connect the data to your methods (i.e. include number of participants, drop-out rate... )

    • Discuss the results from your primary/secondary objectives

    • Highlight relevant data from graphs, tables

  • Conclusion: Provide the major implications of your findings. Consider including the following:

    • Highlight your primary outcomes

    • Provide your analysis/interpretation of the results

    • Include any unexpected findings

  • Takeaways:  Conclude your presentation with the main takeaways that you want others to remember about your research

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