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AMA Citation Style: Books

AMA Style Citation Tips:

Do not abbreviate the year. Remember to always use the full year when citing.

  • Correct: 2004
  • Wrong: 04 or '04

AMA Books: What should I cite?

A complete reference to a print book includes the following:
  • Authors' surnames and first and middle initials: 3.7
  • Chapter title (when cited): 3.9
  • Surname and first and middle initials of book authors or editors or translator: 3.12.5
  • Title of book as well as the subtitle - if any : 3.9
  • Volume number and volume title, when there is more than 1 volume: 3.12.6
  • Edition number - do not indicate first edition: 3.12.7
  • Name of publisher: 3.12.8
  • Year of copyright/publication: 3.12.9
  • Page numbers, when specific pages are cited: 3.12.10

AMA: Books

Author(s). Book Title. Edition number (if it is the second edition or above). Publisher's name; copyright year.

Example: Whole Book

1. Riegelman RK, Kirkwood B. Public Health 101: Healthy People--Healthy Populations. 2nd ed. Jones & Bartlett Learning; 2015.

3.12.2: References to an Entire Book. 

Chapter in a Book

Reference to a Chapter in a Book

When citing a chapter of a book, capitalize as for a journal article title; do not use quotation marks. Inclusive page numbers of the chapter should be given.

Example: Author(s). Chapter title. Editor, eds. In: Author, Book Title. edition. Publisher; Year: pages.

  1. Bliss CM, Wolfe M. Chapter 34: Common clinical manifestations of gastrointestinal disease. In: Andreoli TE, Cecil RL, eds. Andreoli and Carpenter's Cecil Essentials of Medicine. 8th ed. Saunders/Elsevier; 2010:382-400.

Tip: If the authors of a particular chapter and the editors of the book are identical, include the same name in both places.

  1. Riegelman RK. Chapter 11: Meta-analysis. In: Riegelman RK, ed. Studying a Study and Testing a Test: How to Read the Medical Evidence. 5th ed. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2005:99-115.

3.12.4: References to a Chapter in a Book

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