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Researcher Profile Audit Service (RPAS): ORCID

Delegating maintenance of your ORCID

1) It's possible to delegate the maintenance of your ORCID account to someone else.  However, make sure you trust that other individual as they will have the ability to change any of the information in your ORCID profile!

2) To delegate your account, fist go to the 'account settings' link located on the dropdown menu which opens when you click your name in the upper right part of your main profile page.



3) On the 'account settings' page, scroll all the way down to the 'trusted individuals' portion - this is where you can add people who will have the ability to maintain your ORCID account.  All 'trusted individuals' must themselves have an ORCID account as you'll enter them via their ORCID number.

Linking your ORCID to Scopus

1) By linking your ORCID account to your Scopus author profile, you can automatically enter all the articles assigned to your profile in Scopus to your ORCID account.

2) To do this, scroll over the 'Add Works' button in the Works section of your ORCID account and select 'Search & Link'



3) On the subsequent page, scroll down and click on the 'Scopus-Elsevier' option and you'll be prompted to select the appropriate Scopus author profile.


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