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Researcher Profile Audit Service (RPAS): Scopus Author Profile

Edit your Scopus author profile

1) Search for your author profile in Scopus - to do this select the 'Author' search option on Scopus.

2) Select your profile on the resulting page and then click the 'edit profile' icon to launch the guided feedback forms.  You'll be required to create a personal Scopus account to do this.

3) When making changes to the profile, you'll be presented with a dropdown list of options based on your publications in Scopus.  If you don't see the options you want, you can utilize the Elsevier Support Center Author Feedback Wizard



Connect your Scopus profile to your ORCID

1) It's a good practice to link your online profiles with your ORCiD account whenever possible. This will greatly simplify the maintenance of these accounts since they'll draw in publications from your ORCiD profile.  It's especially important to link your Scopus author profile to your ORCID as these two accounts can communicate with one another. This will ensure that the articles assigned to your Scopus author profile will automatically be added to your ORCiD profile.

2) When you click on your Scopus author profile, click 'Connect to ORCID' to link the two systems. 



Merge author profile accounts

1) Scopus author profiles are generated algorithmically and therefore it is very common for more than one profile to exist for a given researcher due affiliation changes or name publication variants. 

2) If you identify more than one account for yourself, you can request to have the accounts merged by selecting all the relevant accounts and clicking 'Request to merge authors'



3) Your request will be reviewed Scopus and they will merge the accounts if they deem that the authors are indeed the same person.