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Translational Science: Copyright

Introduction to library and information resources for students studying for a PhD in the translational sciences.

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Plagiarism & Copyright Overview

avoid plagiarism - do not cut and paste 

Plagiarism Links

Citing Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism - From Duke University.

Examples of Plagiarism - Examples and explanations of plagiarism from verbatim copying to thorough paraphrasing; examples of computer program plagiarism are included. From Princeton University.


Copyright Links

Copyright & Fair Use -  Overview of copyright and fair use from the Stanford University Libraries

Copyright Crash Course -  Fair use information, a crash course tutorial, links  to the TEACH ACT and other copyright resources from the University of Texas.

Copyright Issues - Legislation and copyright issues from the American Library Association.

Copyright Law of the United States - Complete text of the U.S. Copyright Law from The United States Copyright Office.

Creative Commons - Share, Remix, Reuse - Legally. Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that increases sharing and improves collaboration.

When Works Pass Into the Public Domain - Copyright chart from Carrie Russell, Complete Copyright: An Everyday Guide for Librarians (American Library Association, 2004).


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