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VR Headsets: Overview

Find out about our VR headsets, available for short-term loan to Himmelfarb users.

About the Headsets

Himmelfarb has two Quest 2 VR headsets available for loan to our users. The headsets are preloaded with the Medicalholodeck Medical Virtual Reality platform. 

The headsets and software were purchased in Summer 2022 thanks to a grant funded by the Bloedorn Foundation.

Borrow a Headset

  • Headsets can be checked out for 4 hours at a time from the Circulation Desk on the library's first floor.
  • You will need some unobstructed space to use the headset. The following classrooms in Himmelfarb Library (map) are recommended; remember to check the room schedules posted outside the door to ensure no other groups have reserved the space.
    • Himmelfarb B100A-B100C
    • Himmelfarb 201
    • Himmelfarb 202
    • Himmelfarb 203C
    • Himmelfarb 203G
    • Himmelfarb 303
    • Himmelfarb 305H
    • Additionally, you may be able to use the Levine Lounge (305A) near the BodyViz workstation for VR; however, if the BodyViz station is needed that will take priority.
  • If none of the Himmelfarb spaces are available, unoccupied Ross Hall classrooms may provide enough space to use the VR headsets.

Get Help

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Ian Roberts
Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library
2300 Eye Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037