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VR Headsets: Getting Started

Find out about our VR headsets, available for short-term loan to Himmelfarb users.

Request a Demo

Want a one-on-one tutorial? Email to make an appointment with a member of the Himmelfarb staff. We will be happy to walk you through basic navigation in VR and help you get started using the software available on the headset.

Getting Started

Adjusting the Headset

  • Turn on the headset by holding the button on the left side for a few seconds.
  • The headset should fit over your glasses if needed. Adjust the headset lenses (they slide side to side) to get a view that is not blurry.
  • Adjust the headset straps to get a snug but comfortable fit.
  • When you first turn the headset on, follow the steps on screen to set up or confirm your room boundary. This will help you navigate in virtual space without bumping into objects in the room.
  • The volume controls are located on the underside (front left) of the headset.

Using the Controllers

  • Use the wrist straps so you don't drop the controllers.
  • Each controller has two triggers. The index finger controller is the main button used to select things in VR -- pointing and selecting with the right index finger is roughly equivalent to a mouse click in most cases.
  • The "Oculus button" Image of the Oculus button icon on the right controller is used to return you to the menu. If you are ever stuck in an app and need to exit, this button will return you to the home screen and allow you to quit or resume.

The Home Screen

  • After setting up the room boundary, you should see the home screen with the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.Screenshot of Oculus toolbar
  • Select the icon on the right to open the app library.

Practice with First Steps

  • If this is your first time using the headset, we recommend you start with the First Steps app. This will help you get comfortable with the controllers and moving around in VR.
  • Select the First Steps app from the app library:
     Logo for the First Steps app

Turning off the Headset

  • When you're done, turn off the headset by holding the power button until you see the shut down menu.
  • Release the button and use the controller to select Power Off.
  • Alternately, hold down the power button for 10 seconds to shut off the headset without using the controllers.

Get Help

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