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VR Headsets: Virtual Anatomy

Find out about our VR headsets, available for short-term loan to Himmelfarb users.

Medical Holodeck

Himmelfarb Library's VR Headsets come equipped with Medicalholodeck, a three-in-one educational app for teaching anatomy and surgical prep:

Anatomy Master XR, featuring three-dimensional anatomy models of the human body to enable the efficient study of anatomy in virtual reality. The complete female and male bodies consist of over 2000 carefully modeled, textured and labelled structures. Only available through the Cloud XR app.

Dissection Master XR, a dissection and anatomy lab that uses high-resolution human dissections created especially for anatomy teaching. The entire human body has been carefully dissected and digitized in multiple high-resolution layers. 

Medical Imaging XR,  a system for rendering and manipulating objects based on medical imaging (MRI, CT, etc.) in VR. Used in hospitals for 3D surgical planning, in radiology for case reports and team discussions, and in medical education for surgery training. 

Medicalholodeck can be used individually or by multiple users simultaneously via the Cloud XR virtual room.

Accessing the Apps

If you are using either Anatomy Master or Medical Imaging XR, or want to view models simultaneously with another user, use the Cloud XR app. This app connects to a cloud server which is used for rendering, and can be used to start a team session.

If you are only using Dissection Master XR by yourself, use the standalone Dissection Master app for better stability and performance.

Guides and Tutorials

Library Interface: 

When you login to Medicalholodeck, you will see the Library and Main Menu. From here, you can select which app you would like to use. Medical Imaging XR is on the left hand side. Dissection Master XR is at the top center and Anatomy Master XR (available via CloudXR only) is at the bottom center. On the right hand side are files that have already been saved to your headset; you can save your own file by clicking on the + button to save the model you are currently viewing. See the guide below for more information about the Library Interface: 

1. Medical Imaging XR data
1a. Import your own data (DICOM, OBJ, STL)
2. Dissection Master XR data
3. Anatomy Master XR data
4. Your saved scenes
4a. Save a scene
5. Move the library
6. Show and hide the Library
7. App Settings (licensing etc.)
8. Screenshot function, also available on your controller button
9. Capture video
10. Reset
11. Quit

Using the Panel to manipulate and mark the model: 

The Panel just to the right of the model features tools to let you move the model and mark on it. Select a tool by highlighting it with the laser pointer on your right hand and pressing the trigger button. Deselect the tool and return to the laser pointer by pressing the right grip button. See the guide below for more information about the Panel: 

1. Laser
2. Masking and segmentation tool for DICOM
3. Measure distances
4. Measure angles
5. Free line drawing
6. Place markers
7. Delete measurements, angles, drawings and markers
8. Move active dataset
9. Scale active dataset
10. Zoom active dataset
11. Rotate active dataset horizontally
12. Rotate active dataset vertically
13. Remove active dataset
A. Move UI panel with laser. To fix position again, drag it closely to your body.
B. Your frame rate, FPS

To manipulate models: 

Move a model by laser (from your right fingertip), or with the move icon on the Panel, to the right of the model.

To move a model by hand, put your hand into the dataset until the hand is highlighted with a blue line. Then press the trigger button to move and rotate it in any direction.

To enlarge a model, move both hands into the data until they are highlighted, then press both triggers and move your hands apart. To shrink the model, move your hands closer together. The data will scale up depending on your hands movements.

You can also move and scale datasets by using the icons on your Panel. Click the icon with the laser and move your hand with the trigger pushed.

To reveal annotations (on the Dissection Master app): 

While pointing at a model with your right hand, hover over the blue dots on the model to reveal the name of the body part. Press the right trigger button to reveal more information, as well as display the annotation for other inhabitants of the Cloud team room. 

You may also consult the Medicalholodeck YouTube channel for video tutorials. 


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