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Open access to publicly funded journal articles & research data: Manage your Compliance with the NIHPAP

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Does my journal do this for me?

There are more than 2,000 journals, designated as "Method A" journals by the NIH, that will submit the final published version of an article on behalf of authors through the NIHMS. You will still need to review and approve the text before it can be deposited into the PubMed Central archive, and the NIHMS will contact you by email to do so.

For journals not on the Method A list, check the alternative deposit method publisher list:

  • "Method B" journal publishers will deposit the final version into PubMed Central for a fee (typically several thousands of dollars), you will still need to review and approve the article in NIHMS, and the NIHMS will contact you by email to do so.
  • "Method D" publishers will simply deposit the text of the peer-reviewed manuscript into the NIHMS but then it is up to the authors or PI to associate the text with your award using NIHMS or eRA Commons (see further down this page), as well as review and approve the article. 
  • Finally there is a "Method C" where an author or their delegate should do it all - submit the text into the NIHMS, associate with your award, review and approve the text.  Himmelfarb Librarians can help GW authors with the Method C submission process, please email the text of the peer reviewed manuscript and the associated NIH award number to

Manage Compliance thru My Bibliography

After adding your citations to your My Bibliography and linking your eRA Commons account, set the Display Settings to the Award View as shown below.

my bibliography award view

This should then show you your citations with red, yellow, and green dots indicating the status of each citation (see example below).

My bibliography example

Status Codes

An article can have one of the following statuses.

My bibliography status

Any article with a red 'Non-compliant' or question mark, 'Edit Status' status needs your attention!

Click on the link associated with those articles (which could be an 'Edit Status', an NIHMS ID number, or a 'Citation not in NIHMS or PMC' link).  The following box will open.

My bibliography status change

Use the given options to change the status of the citation.


  • If the article was accepted for publication before April 8th, 2008, it is exempt!
  • If the article was a conference proceeding or editorial (i.e. not peer-reviewed), it is exempt and you can Edit the status to report the paper does not need to be submitted under the NIHPA See instructions.
  • If you are going to start Method C (submit it to NIHMS) you will need to upload the final peer-reviewed manuscript (this is not the final pdf the journal published).

Assign Awards

You should assign the correct awards to each citation in your My Bibliography.

My bibliography assign awards

  • The "My awards" provides the list of awards associated with the P.I.s eRA Commons profile.
  • —The "Other awards" section displays those awards that are not associated with the P.I.s eRA Commons profile, but have been linked to citations in the My Bibliography collection.