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iPads for Medical Students: iPad Student Agreement

iPad agreement

The George Washington University

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Pre‐Clinical Medical Student iPad Agreement


The George Washington University School of Medicine will provide iPads to all incoming first year medical students and continuing second year medical students. Prior to receiving an iPad, all students are required to sign this Agreement outlining the responsibilities and guidelines for iPad use.


  • The student iPads are GW SMHS property being made available for use by preclinical medical students.
  • The iPads will be managed centrally by a mobile device management system that includes password protection, remote wiping capabilities, and encryption.
  • Students must use this device in a responsible manner, including abiding by all University policies including but not limited to the information security policy, code of conduct, mobile device use and theft, social media, and other applicable policies. Policies may be found at
  • Students are free to use devices to store personal content (e.g. songs, personal email) but should have no expectation of privacy regarding the device or its contents.
  • Students must
    • Take appropriate steps to protect the iPad and data against loss or theft, including not leaving iPads in public places, in checked baggage for travel, or in vehicles unless the device is hidden from view and the vehicle locked.
    • Immediately report loss, damage, or theft of the iPad to the central management team (currently SMHS Technology Support Center).
    • Accept financial responsibility for loss, damage, or theft of the iPad, as well as any damage resulting from disclosure of information on the device.
    • Abide by all GW and local hospital or office policies and procedures when used in clinical settings.
  • Students must not
    • Loan the iPad, even temporarily, to anyone else.
    • Save any clinical and/or individually identifiable health information on their iPads or on commercial data storage services (e.g. iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive).
    • Remove (“jailbreak”) the mobile device management software.
    • Disable passcodes.


Upon successful completion of the pre‐clinical curriculum, GW will remove the mobile device management items from the iPads, and iPad ownership will transition to the student, to use as he or she deems appropriate, subject to applicable policies and procedures of the university, local hospitals, and physician offices where the device may be used for clinical purposes.


I agree to the terms of this agreement.


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