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iPads for Medical Students: iPad Set-Up


These instructions are designed to assist 1st year medical students with setting up their iPads.


Once you receive your iPad, you will need to complete these set-up steps.

Directions for each of these steps are provided on this page.

  1. Name your iPad
  2. Google Calendar
  3. Notability
  4. Google Drive
  5. Cisco AnyConnect
  6. WePA (Printing)
  7. Poll Everywhere
  8. Panopto
  9. Aperio ePathViewer
  10. Examplify / ExamSoft
  11. Lexicomp
  12. DynaMed Plus
  13. Epocrates Plus


Need help?

If you have any difficulty in completing the iPad set up tasks, please stop by the:
Himmelfarb Library Reference Desk:
  • Mon-Thurs from 8:30am – 8pm
  • Fri from 8:30am – 5pm
  • Sat from 12pm - 4 pm
CASS Help Desk - Ross 302
  • Mon-Fri from 8am - 6 pm

If you have additional questions, please contact:

Himmelfarb App Shelf

Himmelfarb Library's App Shelf provides information on the library's app collection including instructions for connecting these apps to the Library's institutional subscription in order to access premium app content.

The App Shelf provides information on additional Information Apps for specialty content (Pediatric Care Online, Psychiatry Online, etc.) as well as Productivity Apps.

Citrix & Touchworks

MFA Touchworks login via desktop/laptop computer

  1. Check that Citrix Workspace (formerly Citrix Receiver) is installed on your computer.
  2. Open a web browser, then access the website
  3. Login to Citrix using your personal login and password.
  4. Double-click the CITRIX Allscripts icon
  5. A launch.ica file will automatically download; click on the file, then click to permit use, if needed.
  6. Login to Allscripts using your personal login/password

Need assistance with your login/password: call MFA IT at 202-741-3636

1. Name your iPad

Your iPad came with a generic name, but you will want to personalize the name.  

  1. On your iPad, access Settings then select General.
  2. Select About and then select Name.
  3. Provide your name.

2. Google Calendar

About this app:  class schedules and locations.  

When you'll use it: daily in order to know when and where your classes will occur.

To do:

  1. The afternoon of Friday, August 10, you will receive the calendar addresses via email OR can access them via Blackboard in the Foundations course.  
  2. Using a laptop/desktop computer, login to your GW Google account then open the Calendar area.
  3. Click the arrow next to 'Other Calendar' and then select 'Add by URL' and copy/paste each curricular calendar.
  4. On your iPad, open the Calendars app and ensure that you have access to each of the curricular calendars.   You should have these calendars available:
  • MS I (Class of 2022) Students
  • LC calendar

3. Notability

About this app:  Allows you to take notes by writing, highlighting, and drawing on PDFs including presentation slides provided via Blackboard.   The GW School of Medicine & Health Sciences has purchased the Notability app for you.

When you'll use it: daily to take notes and review notes.

To do:

  1. On your iPad, locate the Self-Service app and allow access to your location. 
  2. Browse all available apps to locate Notability.  
  3. Select Install which should open the iTunes Store with a pre-loaded gift certificate code.  
  4. Select Redeem to redeem your Notability coupon and install the app.
  5. Open Notability app, then select tool wheel in lower left corner.  
  6. Select Auto-backup then select Google Drive.
  7. Provide your email address ( as the username then select Next; on the GW login screen, enter both your NetID and Password then click Sign-on.

4. Google Drive

About this app: Google Drive provides you access to the document storage portion of your GMail accounts including your GWmail account.

When you will use it: secure storage for documents; can be used to back-up documents from selected apps on your iPad .

To do:

  1. Access settings then select Add Account.
  2. Use your as the username and tap Sign in; you don't need to enter the password on this screen.
  3. On the GW login screen, enter both your NetID and Password then click Sign-on.

5. Cisco AnyConnect

About this app: The Cisco AnyConnect client allows secure remote access to GW systems including Himmelfarb Library resources.   The Cisco AnyConnect  client allows any installed application to communicate as though connected directly to GW.  AnyConnect for iOS is similar to AnyConnect for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

When you'll use it: AnyConnect VPN can be used to connect to Himmelfarb Library's online collections from off-campus locations; you don't need to use AnyConnect VPN when you are on-campus..

To do:

  1. Open the AnyConnect app on your iPad.

  2. Tap OK to allow AnyConnect to extend your VPN features.

  3. Tap Connections and choose Add VPN Connection.

  4. Enter the following information in the form that appears:

    Description: GWU
    Server Address:

  5. Tap Save to save the connection.

  6. Move the slider to the right next to AnyConnect VPN to start a connection.

  7. Enter your NetID and password and tap Connect to connect to the GWU VPN network.

To connect to the VPN in the future, you must open the AnyConnect application and login to the GWU VPN network.

6. WePA (Printing)

About this app: WePA (We Print Anywhere) is the printing system at GW.  WePA is a cloud-based printing system which allows you to submit a print job from any location on campus, including from your iPad, and pick up the print job at any location.  Print kiosks are available at Himmelfarb Library (1st and 3rd floors) as well as at other campus locations.  WePA provides black and white as well as color printing. The charge for black and white printing is $0.09 per sheet, or $0.10 per sheet ($0.05/side) if printing double-sided. The charge for color printing is $0.70 per sheet ($0.35/side if printing double-sided.) You may pay with your GWorld Card, credit card (a $0.40 transaction fee is applied), or funds deposited into your WEPA account.

When you will use it: if you want to print any course materials or other documents while you are at GW.

To do:

  1. Open the WePA app and swipe left through the tutorial.
  2. Select The George Washington University.  Hint: GW is listed in the T section under 'The'.
  3. Login with your GW email address ( and password.
  4. To test, open Google Drive app then open any document. 
  5. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen then select Open In then choose Wepa and finally Upload File; a confirmation screen should display indicating that the file is Ready for Print


7. Poll Everywhere

About this app: PollEverywhere is an audience response app used to respond to surveys and questions live during class

When you will use it: to participate in sessions and respond to questions during class.

To do:

  1. Open the Poll Everywhere app.
  2. Tap the I’m participating button.
  3. Tap the Log in button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Enter your GWU email address ( as the Username and your GWID number beginning with the capital G as your password, then tap Log In.
  5. In ClassLook for your instructor's username on the slide to join each Poll Everywhere session during class.  Enter the instructor's username in the field and click the Join button to participate in polls.


8. Panopto

About this app: Panopto is an app which permits access to videos of lectures from you iPad.

When you'll use it:  to view the recording of a class either because you missed it or for review purposes.


To do:

  1. Access the Pantopto app
  2. Set up the address:
  3. Next to Account choose Blackboard
  4. Login with your Blackboard login/password.
  5. To test access: search for Zika then play video.

9. Aperio ePathViewer

Aperio ePathViewer is an online database of Pathology and Histology slides that you will be using with cases in your basic sciences courses.


To do:

  1. Open Aperio ePath Viewer.
  2. Click the Add Site button at the bottom left side of the screen.
  3. Type in and press return to verify the site appears.
  4. Click the + button next to the site address.
  5. Type a name for the Bookmark (i.e. GWU SlideHosting).
  6. Press the Save button on the right.
  7. Click OK and the new Website appears at the bottom of the list.
  8. Access with login=GWSMHS and password=Ross
  9. To test access, select Digital Slides then choose sample slide; use zoom and save image to library.



10. Examplify / ExamSoft

About this app: Examplify / ExamSoft is an assessment and testing platform used in GW's MD curriculum.  


To do:

  1. Register your account: 
    • On your iPad, launch Examplify.
    • Agree to the Software License Agreement
    • Enter Your Institution ID: gwumed
    • Enter your user ID and password and Sign in. These credentials may be found within your welcome email.
  2. Watch the 15 minute tutorial at

  3. Download the Introduction to Examplify Quiz. Note: you don't need to take the exam yet, just download it!

11. Lexicomp

About this app: Lexicomp is a comprehensive clinical drug information app including Lexi-Drugs and Lexi-Interact. Lexicomp is provided to you courtesy of Himmelfarb Library.

When you will use it: to look up specific drugs; to identify possible drug interactions; to identify visually identify drugs.

To do:

  1. Access Lexi-Comp and select the right-hand menu for Mobile App Access.
  2. Select the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad platform and that you are a new customer; copy the authorization code displayed in red. You can copy directly from your iPad by holding your finger on the code and selecting copy from the pop-up menu.
  3. Create a personal Lexicomp account then login to your Lexicomp account.  
  4. Under Add a Subscription by Code, paste or type the Lexicomp authorization code.  To paste, hold your finger in the desired location and choose Paste from the pop-up menu.
  5. On your iPad, open Lexicomp and login with your Lexicomp login/password; Lexicomp content will automatically load to your iPad.  

12. DynaMed Plus

About this app: DynaMed Plus is a point-of-care information resource which includes drug and disease information. DynaMed Plus contains more topics than Epocrates Essentials or FirstConsult and also provides more detail on clinical interventions and the quality of evidence for that information.  DynaMed Plus is provided to you courtesy of Himmelfarb Library.

When you will use it: to find evidence-based information on specific conditions including diagnostic approaches

To do:

  1. Access DynaMed Plus then click on Get the DynaMed Plus Mobile App in the left-hand menu and enter your email address.
  2. On your iPad, open the DynaMed Plus email message and click on the authentication key link to activate your app. Note: you can use the same email to active DynaMed Plus on up to three devices; the emailed authentication key is good for 48 hours.

13. Epocrates Plus

About this app: Epocrates Plus is a point-of-care information resource which includes drug and disease information.  Epocrates Plus is the app version of Epocrates Essentials and is provided to you courtesy of Himmelfarb Library.

When you will use it: to find evidence-based information on specific conditions including diagnostic approaches.

To do:

  1. Access Epocrates Plus then follow the instructions to register for a free account.  
  2. You should see the product in your shopping cart with a charge for $174.99 AND a credit for $174.99 which results in a zero balance.  Note: you should NOT provide a credit card or other payment information, simply 'checkout' with the zero balance.
  3. Access the Epocrates app on your iPad, then login with your Epocrates username/password. 

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