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MS3 Clerkships: Information Resources: EHR

Information resources for clinical clerkships for 3rd year medical students.

TouchWorks - GW Medical Faculty Associates



  1. Access: then enter your personal login/password.
  2. Double click icon for: Citrix Allscripts TouchWorks
  3. Launch.ica will automatically download; click on launch.ica.
  4. Login to TouchWorks with your personal login/password.
  • Please note: you will need to reset both your Citrix and your TouchWorks password the first time that you login; while your login is the same for each system, the password may be different. 
  • If you need assistance with your password, please contact GW MFA IT at 202-741-3636; have your username available and specify if you need your Citrix password, TouchWorks password, or both reset.

Fact Finding : Locate the patient record for Test,Rabbit then find the information to answer the
following questions.

  1. Has your patient ever been vaccinated for Hepatitis A? If so, when?
  2. Does your patient have any drug allergies?
  3. What is your patient’s most recent BMI? How much has it changed since January 2013?
  4. What current prescription medications is your patient taking?
  5. What is the value of your patient’s most recent Hemoglobin A1C ?
  6. Does the patient drink alcohol? How much?
  7. What does the patient’s social history indicate about illicit drug use?
  8. How many organs has the patient had transplanted? Which ones?

Functionality Review: Use the interface functionality to:

  1. Expand/contract a window. For example, can you expand the Immunizations window so that it is the primary screen?
  2. Graphing. Can you graph the patient's BMI in order to show changes over time?
  3. Family History. Can you use the pull-down menu to display the patient's family history without scrolling? Can you sort by family member to consolidate and view all of the family history related to the patient's mother?
  4. Notes. Can you use the filter function to find all of Matt Mintz's notes for this patient?  All notes for the past 3 months? All gastroenterology notes? Expand/contract category headers in notes display? 
  5. Search for a new patient by using Select Patient in header bar? Search for: Xtest, Linda

Note-Writing: Because TouchWorks is a ‘live’ system, the MFA’s IT department has asked that students not create practice notes.

Cerner - GW Hospital



  1. Access the Cerner Training domain.
  2. Login with the provided credentials then click on the icon for Powerchart T152D SSO application; please note: do not click on other icons.
  3. A .ica file will automatically download; double-click on the .ica file.
    • Note: You have two records to explore and are on a training domain.  Theoretically, you can do no harm on the training domain but please respect the system and others who may be using these records.

Fact Finding: Locate your patient record then find the information to answer the following questions.

  1. Find where the patient located in the hospital? What is the patient’s MRN? 
  2. What medications were given to the patient and when was the last time the medications were given? Were all the medications given? 
  3. What are the patient’s most recent set of vitals? 
  4. Find the most recent BMP (or another laboratory test) results of the patient. Are any values abnormal and how can you tell at first glance? 
  5. What are the results of the blood culture (if any)?
  6. Was imaging for this patient ordered? 
  7. What notes are available for this patient?
  8. You need to call the patient’s family. Find the patient’s emergency contact information. 

Functionality Review:  Jene Carter, Erin Good, and Yekaterina Salnikova developed EHR tips for from MD student to MD student to help you maximize and streamline your use of this system.

Note-Writing: Because this is a training domain and contains no actual patient data, you may explore the note-writing functionality.

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