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MS3 Clerkships: Information Resources: iPad Maintenance

Information resources for clinical clerkships for 3rd year medical students.


These instructions are designed to assist 2nd, 3rd and 4th year medical students in maintaining the apps on their iPads.


Some apps, especially clinical information apps, require verification of your GW affiliation in order to continuously provide current, evidence-based medical information.   In order to maintain access to current, evidence-based medical information, please refresh your access to the following apps:

  1. epocrates+
  2. Lexicomp
  3. DynaMed

Additional apps that that you installed for the MD curriculum will continue to function and do not require any action on your part to continue functioning.   If you do delete an app and want to configure again, please refer to the iPad Set-Up Instructions.

More apps?

Himnelfarb Library App Store Icon

Himmelfarb Library's App Shelf provides information on the library's app collection including instructions for connecting these apps to the Library's institutional subscription in order to access premium app content.

The App Shelf provides information on additional Information Apps for specialty content (Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas, Board Vitals, etc.) as well as additional apps including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.


Need help?

If you have any difficulty in completing the iPad set up tasks, please contact:
GW IT Help Desk
  • (202) 994-GWIT (4948) OR
  • Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm
  • Location: Himmelfarb Library 3rd Floor
Himmelfarb Library Reference

If you have additional questions, please contact:

1. epocrates+

Epocrates Plus App IconAbout this app: epocrates+ is a point-of-care information resource which includes drug and disease information.  epocrates+ is also available via the web and is provided to you courtesy of Himmelfarb Library.

Requires verification: every 12 months

When you will use it: to find evidence-based information on specific conditions including diagnostic approaches.

To do:

  1. Send email to for instructions.

2. Lexicomp

Lexicomp App IconAbout this app: Lexicomp is a comprehensive clinical drug information app including Lexi-Drugs and Lexi-Interact. Lexicomp is provided to you courtesy of Himmelfarb Library.

Requires verification: every year in April

When you will use it: to look up specific drugs; to identify possible drug interactions; to identify visually identify drugs.

Note: if you activate a Lexicomp trial, your iTunes account will be charged $29.99/month.  Please follow the below instructions in order to activate Lexicomp at no charge via Himmelfarb Library's subscription.

To do:

  1. Access Lexi-Comp and select the right-hand menu for Mobile App Access.
  2. Select the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad platform and that you are a new customer; copy the authorization code displayed in red. You can copy directly from your iPad by holding your finger on the code and selecting copy from the pop-up menu.
  3. Login to your Lexicomp account.  
  4. Under Add a Subscription by Code, paste or type the Lexicomp authorization code.  To paste, hold your finger in the desired location and choose Paste from the pop-up menu.
  5. On your iPad, open Lexicomp and login with your Lexicomp login/password; Lexicomp content will automatically load to your iPad.  

3. DynaMed

DynaMed App IconAbout this app: DynaMed is a point-of-care information resource which includes drug and disease information. DynaMed  contains more topics than Epocrates Essentials and also provides more detail on clinical interventions and the quality of evidence for that information.  DynaMed is provided to you courtesy of Himmelfarb Library.

Requires verification: every six months

When you will use it: to find evidence-based information on specific conditions including diagnostic approaches

To Do

  1. Access DynaMed via web access (i.e. not the app) then click on Sign in and login to your DynaMed account..
  2. Open the DynaMed app then select Sign in and provide your personal DynaMed username and password. 

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