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Off Campus Access: Logging into GW Resources

Logging into GW Resources

Logging into GW Resources

General Guidelines

You can login to most GW resources (e.g. email, Blackboard, library, GW Box, etc.) with your GW UserID and password. Your UserID will look different depending on if you created your GW account before or after May 22, 2022.

  UserID Email Address
Accounts created before May 22, 2022

An ID you provided when you claimed your account

Example: jdoe3

Your full email address is your UserID followed by "" (students) or "" (faculty/staff).

"" can be used as a short form of your email address.

Example: (faculty/staff), (student)

Accounts created after May 22, 2022

Same as GWID

Example: G12345678

Firstname.Lastname, followed by "" (students) or "" (faculty/staff). In cases where multiple individuals share the same first and last name, a number will be added to the last name.

" /" can be used as a short form of your email address.

Example: (faculty/staff), (student)

Regardless of your UserID/Email Address style, there may be minor variations in login depending on the service. Here are some of the most common setups to be aware of:

Service Login With:
Most resources (using GW single sign-on)

Your UserID followed by ""

Examples: (legacy accounts), (new accounts)

Google resources (GSuite, Gmail)

Your long-form email address: "" (faculty/staff) or "" (students)

Examples: (legacy staff) (new staff) (legacy students) (new students)

Other resources
Himmelfarb Documents2Go

Your UserID

Examples: jdoe3 (legacy accounts), G12345678 (new accounts)

More Resources

The Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library
Questions? Ask us.

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