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Borrow from Other Libraries: CLS FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of materials can be requested through CLS?

GWU users are welcome to place a request for books, audio and visual materials that are available through the WRLC libraries, which can be found through the Himmelfarb catalog by clicking the Consortium Loan Service Request buttonPlease be sure that you are requesting from your home library.

What kind of materials should NOT be requested through CLS?

Articles, ebooks, or anything electronic in nature. These appear as requestable in the catalog, so be careful to select only print books or audio/visual materials. If you request an article or ebook, your request will be rejected and you will be directed to Interlibrary Loan, as appropriate.

When will I receive my item?

The standard shipping time is 2-3 days. You will receive a notice via email when your book is ready to be picked up at the designated library. When you receive your notice, you can also opt to have the book shipped to you

Where do I pick up my book?

You may pick up your book at the selected pickup location (Himmelfarb or VSTC). The default pickup location is Himmelfarb Library, so make sure you have selected the correct pickup location for you. Please ask at the Circulation Desk: (202) 994-2962. 

How much will I be charged for a CLS request?

CLS requests are free for all users of Himmelfarb library.

Are there any late fees associated with CLS requests?

Yes, fines can accrue for CLS loans that are overdue, missing, or lost. Please see the Fines and Fees tab

Who do I contact with further CLS questions?

For questions about your CLS request, you may email, or call 202-994-3685. If you have questions about picking up a book ordered from CLS, call the Circulation Desk at 202-994-2962.