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Borrow from Other Libraries: Pickup Locations

Book pickup and delivery

CLS Books are eligible for delivery! When your book arrives, you will receive an email from the lending WRLC institution notifying you that the book is ready to be picked up: 

The link within the email will take you to Himmelfarb's Borrowing guide, which includes more instructions for how you can have the book shipped to you. If you choose to pick up the book, your book will remain on the hold shelf for up to 10 days before being returned to their home library. 

If you prefer to have the book shipped to you, you will need to email and provide your address for us to ship vis USPS. We will send these books to you free of charge, however, if you want us to send a CLS book to your location, we ask that you pay return costs associated with shipping the book back to the Himmelfarb Library, and that you accept financial responsibility for any lost or damaged books. 

Picking up at Ashburn VSTC

To have CLS books delivered to the Ashburn Virginia Science & Technology Campus, select "GW Virginia Science & Technology Campus Library Delivery" as your pickup location dropdown menu.

Picking up at Himmelfarb

To have CLS books delivered to Himmelfarb, select "Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library" on the pickup location dropdown menu.