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Borrow from Other Libraries: Placing A Request

Tutorial Video

Placing a Request

To place a request, first identify your home library (the library from which you are authorized to request materials). You can log in once you have conducted a search by clicking on 'Sign In'.  If you do not log in, you cannot place requests with the system.


Then, search the Himmelfarb catalog using the search option. Be sure to select "Articles + GW Consortium Catalog" from the dropdown menu. This will allow you to search for resources owned by GWU and the other participating WRLC libraries.

Rejected Requests

If your request is rejected, it may be because the item is checked out or otherwise unavailable at other WRLC libraries. This is particularly true for rejections that happen very quickly (often within seconds of submission). If this happens, please consider submitting your request via Documents2Go

Other times, requests may be rejected because they cannot be processed. This often happens with article or ebook requests, which cannot be fulfilled via CLS. When this happens, we will contact you and recommend submitting your request via Documents2Go

Once signed in

Signing in allows for request options to appear for Consortium Loan Service (CLS). This only appears if certain criteria are met:

  • Himmelfarb does not own the item.
  • Himmelfarb owns the item but the item is not available for borrowing. ‚Äč

*Note: only print books and physical A/V items can be requested.  Articles, ebooks, and any other records will not be filled and cancelled.

If an item is not available by CLS or is an article, please consider using the Documents2Go option. This is the appropriate option for non-WRLC owned books that are required for GW related work, research patient care, or study.

Managing CLS books through your Library Account.

To check your current CLS loans or renew a CLS book place a request, log in to the My Library Account portal:

Then click on either the 'Requests' tab or check the 'Requests' field to access your requests: