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MD Program: EHR

GW MFA Epic Access

MFA Epic login via desktop/laptop computer

  1. Access
  2. If VM Horizon is installed on your computer, select VM Horizon HTML Access, otherwise, select Install VM Horizon Client.  
  3. Enter your MFA Network login ( and password, then click on 'Login'.
  4. A virtual desktop should display; double-click the icon for Epic.

Need assistance with your login/password: call MFA IT at 202-741-3636

GW Hospital Cerner Access

GW Hospital Cerner login via desktop/laptop computer

  1. Download and install Citrix Workspace.
  2. Access the GW Hospital Webpage
  3. Select Physician Portal in top menu bar. 
  4. Provide your login and password, then complete Multi-Factor Authentication.

Cerner - GW Hospital (and additional locations)

Cerner Tips

Jene Carter, Erin Good, and Yekaterina Salnikova developed EHR tips for from MD student to MD student to help you maximize and streamline your use of this system.

EHR Tutorials