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MS4 Clerkships: Information Resources: Emergency Medicine

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Evidence-based, point-of-care drug and disease information.

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ClinicalKey App

Integrated clinical information tool searches extensive full-text holdings for clinical answers in journal articles, books, and videos.  Searchable by keyword as well as disease, finding, procedure or drug.  Published by Elsevier.  2007 - Present.

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Clerkship Contacts

Clerkship Director

Amy Caggiula, MD  
(202) 741-2996

Clerkship Coordinator

Julia Plant 



Description: Point-of-care information resource includes drug and disease information.
Access: Courtesy of Himmelfarb Library.
Instructions: Access DynaMed, then click on "Sign in" followed by "Register now" and create a personal DynaMed account. Next, open the DynaMed app, select Sign in, and provide your personal DynaMed username and password.
To keep DynaMed app updated, sign in to web-based DynaMed with your personal username and password at least once every twelve months.

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