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Himmelfarb Headlines: New Year, New Catalog Scope!

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New Year, New Catalog Scope!

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At Himmelfarb Library, we are always looking for ways to improve the ways our users can access our collections. In early January 2024, following an assessment of our library catalog, Himmelfarb introduced a change to Health Information @ Himmelfarb. The default catalog search scope is now “Articles + GW & Consortium Catalog”. This includes physical materials, primarily print books, from other libraries in the Washington Research Library Consortium (which includes Gelman and other DC-area academic libraries) as well as Himmelfarb’s content (books, journal articles, videos, and more) in your search results.

There are many instances when including this content will improve your search results. Searches for books and topics beyond clinical medicine will frequently be enhanced by inclusion of the holdings of these libraries. The consortium content will be included in your search results automatically now. You’ll be able to see where items retrieved are available when you click through to the full record from search results:

A screenshot of search results from the Himmelfarb Library catalog. The second result,

A screenshot of the Consortium Loan Service Request form.

If you prefer to use the original default search scope which includes Himmelfarb collections and subscription content only, you can still find it by clicking the down arrow in the search box and selecting the Articles + Himmelfarb Catalog scope:

A screenshot of the search box on the Himmelfarb Library home page. A dropdown menu has been opened showing the options for changing the scope of the search. The second option,

The change in default search scopes will continue through the Spring 2024 semester and then we will assess whether to make it permanent or revert back. Please provide feedback on the change by clicking on the link in the banner at the top of Health Information @ Himmelfarb pages.

A screenshot of the full record for

The Consortium Loan Service (CLS) allows you to request these items and have them delivered directly to Himmelfarb Library or the VSTC Library. You will see the option for the CLS Request form when you are signed into Health Information @ Himmelfarb with your GW UserID. Items borrowed on CLS typically arrive within a week of request. There are no charges or limits on how many CLS requests you can make.

A screenshot of a banner at the top of the Himmelfarb Library catalog reading:

Your feedback will help us make the decision that is most helpful to you, our users. GW SMHS, SON and SPH students, faculty and staff who would be willing to participate in a brief focus group about the change can include contact information in the feedback form and will be entered in a raffle for Starbucks $10 gift cards.