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PollEverywhere: Getting Started

What is it?

PollEverywhere is an audience response system licensed by GW's School of Medicine & Health Sciences.

PollEverywhere provides SMHS faculty with multiple question types including multiple choice, open-ended questions, clickable images, and Q&A/brainstorm polls.

PollEverywhere allows students to respond to questions synchronously via an app, text message, or a website, and also permits asynchronous questions.

Where to get help?

For support in learning how to use PollEverywhere, please contact:

Health sciences faculty can contact:

Getting Started

To get started with PollEverywhere:

1. Sign up for a PollEverywhere account.

  • SMHS faculty can request a PollEverywhere account from Tracy Thompson ( or Laura Abate (

  • When you receive the emailed invitation, click on the link and register for a PollEverywhere account.

To use PollEverywhere with Powerpoint, Keynote, or Google Slides:

2.  Download and install the add-in/extension on your computer:

Types of Polls

PollEverywhere has four different types of polls available for use:

  • Multiple-choice polls allow students to choose an answer from the response options that you provide (e.g. True/False, A, B, or C).  You can also upload images to serve as response options.
  • Open-ended polls allow student to submit free text responses to the polls.  Open-ended poll responses can be displayed as a live Word Cloud, ticker tape, text wall, or cluster. Faculty may choose to use Moderation to manage which responses are shown publicly.
  • Clickable image polls allow students to click on an image to vote (e.g. click on the state where you attended college). This type of poll works with the PollEverywhere app used by GW students as well as web voting; it does not work with SMS texting.
  • Q&A / Brainstorm polls allow students to submit responses; students can anonymously agree or disagree with other responses by upvoting or downvoting.

Featured uses

Training Materials

  • Presenter Guide: step-by-step instructions.
  • Video Guide: brief PollEverywhere video demonstrations.
  • Weekly interactive webinar on the basics of how to create a poll, customize 
polls, insert the slides into PowerPoint, and run reports. Every Thursday at 1pm PST/4pm EST.

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