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Poll Everywhere: Poll Everywhere Activities

Multiple Choice

Ask a question and let participants choose from a list of answers.

Example of multiple choice question.

You can present a dynamic chart of answers:

Example of multiple choice responses chart.

Word Cloud

Visualize audience responses as a dynamic word cloud.

Example of word cloud.

Clickable Image

Participants click anywhere on the image to respond.

Example of clickable image.

Question & Answer

Participants respond to a question and can upvote and downvote other answers. Answers with the most votes rise to the top.

Example of Q&A.


Participants type in answers to your open-ended question.

Example of responses to an open-ended question.

Other Activities

Competition: Create a series of multiple-choice questions. Participants compete to answer fastest.

Self-Paced Survey: Create a series of questions (any type: multiple choice, word cloud, Q&A, clickable image, open-ended). Participants can answer at their own pace. This activity is useful for asynchronous participation.