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Poll Everywhere: Creating Poll Everywhere slides directly on PowerPoint

Creating Poll Everywhere slides directly on PowerPoint

  1. Open PowerPoint and access the Poll Everywhere tab.

  2. Click on Log In and enter your Poll Everywhere login/password

  3. In the upper left, click New then Activity to create and insert an activity

  4. In upper right, select New Activity, select the type of activity you wish to create (e.g. Multiple Choice, True or False, etc.), then click on Edit.

  5. Complete the fields to create the activity, then slick Save.

  6. Click Insert slides, then Default (recommended), then Insert slides.

Poll Everywhere Instructions Slide

To let your students know how to login to your Poll Everywhere polls and submit the answer, insert an instructions slide just prior to your first poll.  If you're using Google Slides, you don't need to insert an instructions slide as the information will be displayed on each Poll Everywhere slide.