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PollEverywhere: Creating PollEverywhere slides

How to create Poll Everywhere slides - Method #1

  1. Open PowerPoint and access the Poll Everywhere tab.

  2. Click on Log In then enter your Poll Everywhere login/password

  3. In upper left, click Insert Poll Slide.

  4. A window will display from which you can select a previously created poll or click on + Create Poll.

  5. Write your poll question then choose the question type and provide answers for multiple choice questions.

  6. Click on Create in the lower left area of the Poll Question window.

  7. To let your students know how to access your Poll Everywhere polls and submit their responses, insert this prep PowerPoint slide just prior to your first poll; be sure to replace the text in red with your Poll Everywhere username. You can find your Poll Everywhere username in the Settings area of your Poll Everywhere account.

PollEverywhere Instructions Slide

To let your students know how to login to your PollEverywhere polls and submit the answer, insert an instructions slide just prior to your first poll.  If you're using Google Slides, you don't need to insert an instructions slide as the information will be displayed on each PollEverywhere slide.  


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