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Library Tutorials: Citations

The following tutorials will help you get started using the research tools provided by Himmelfarb.

Citations General Information

What is a Citation?

In academic and professional settings, it is common practice to cite all references you use for assignments and presentations. This includes typical information sources (such as book chapters and articles) as well as images and sounds. Citing means giving proper credit to the creators of those sources you use, usually by using a properly formatted citation and/or in-text reference, created according to a recognized standard such as APA. It is important to properly cite one's sources to maintain professional courtesy, to facilitate follow-up, to encourage transparency, and to avoid the serious academic, professional, and legal consequences of plagiarism. 

Accessing Citations

Create an account in RefWorks to manage your citations in one place. Visit Himmelfarb Library's complete RefWorks guide to learn more.

Citations Tutorials

AMA Citation Video Tutorial

APA Citation Video Tutorials