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Library Tutorials: Lexidrug

The following tutorials will help you get started using the research tools provided by Himmelfarb.

Lexidrug General Information

What is Lexidrug?

Accessing Lexidrug

Lexidrug is provided to you courtesy of Himmelfarb Library.

Online Access:  Lexidrug is available as a web resource and will display well on your iPad.  It can be accessed directly from Himmelfarb Library's homepage.  The app version is useful in the clinical setting and other settings where you may not have a consistent or strong Wifi access; Lexidrug's app is also useful if you wish to install it on your phone as the Lexidrug website is not mobile-optimized.

App Access (OPTIONAL):  Lexidrug's app requires annual authentication to keep it activated.

  • Note: the below instructions will allow you to activate Lexidrug at no charge via Himmelfarb Library's subscription.  Do not activate a Lexidrug trial which will incur a $29.99/month charge to your iTunes account.
  1. Access Lexidrug and click on the blue button labeled Mobile Access Codes.
  2. Select the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad platform and that you are a new customer; copy the authorization code displayed in red. You can copy directly from your iPad by holding your finger on the code and selecting copy from the pop-up menu.
  3. Create a personal Lexidrug account then login to your Lexidrug account.
  4. Under Add a Subscription by Code, paste or type the Lexidrug authorization code. To paste, hold your finger in the desired location and choose Paste from the pop-up menu.
  5. On your iPad, open Lexidrug and login with your Lexidrug login/password; Lexidrug content will automatically load to your iPad.  

Lexidrug Tutorials