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Library Tutorials

The following tutorials will help you get started using the research tools provided by Himmelfarb.


Use Scopus to the fullest!

Scopus is a powerful database with tools that can do a lot more than basic literature searches. The links below will take you to short tutorial videos and text created by Scopus.


Analyze your search results:


Learn more about every article:


Use Scopus Sources, a collection of journal data:


Find author information:


Stay informed:

Refine Your Search Results

When you have run a search, you can use the filters on the left-hand side to narrow down the results. These filters include open access, year, document type, source type, language, and more.

How to Filter by Date

Go to the Year filter. The number to the right of each year tells you how many documents were published in that year. Click "View all" to see the entire date range. Select one or more years and then select either "Limit" or "Exclude". For example, if I select 2022 and 2021 and select "Limit," I will now only see the 64 results published in those years. If I select 2022 and 2021 and select "Exclude," I will now see all of the results except the 64 published in those years.

See which authors wrote the most documents

Go to the Author Name filter. The number to the right of each author tells you how many documents within the results were written or co-written by that author. The authors are listed in order of most documents written. In the example here, you can see that Moss-Morris, R. wrote the most documents within the results, 19. Select one or more authors to limit the results to their work or to exclude their work from the results.

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